Dec 21, 2014

This Week... December 21st, 2014

This Week I....

...found out my Research Visa application was accepted! I'm going to Chennai! Wednesday I paid the fees, and was told I could pick it up Christmas Eve!

.... tried to withdraw €160 from an ATM (because India Visa Services is cash only - I'll never get used to that kind of stuff), pressed the wrong button and poof! It disappeared into the aether. Turns out the aether in this case was the microchip on my debit card.

...then got an email Friday morning that they want an additional €174 because I'm British.

...finally started playing Skyrim. I think the menu system is super awkward, but every game has a learning curve, right?

...had my heating turned off for a few hours Saturday morning. Just because.

...finished this season of Serial, and despite a few misgivings about the consequences of the show (how many lives are being turned upside down for the purpose of entertainment?) I'm hooked. Who else listens?

...visited the Christmas markets in feint of the Rathaus (town hall) and the one in the red light district, which wasn't terribly interesting.

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