Dec 16, 2014

Expat Christmas: DIY Snowflakes

If you're new to my blog, I'm a mostly American expat living in Germany. My contract here ends in about half a year, so don't want to spend a lot of money here on things I can't take back with me. Things like Christmas tree ornaments and other decorations. Two years ago I tried to make my own paper ornaments with varying degrees of success, and last year I made crochet snowflakes.
Even if you're not of the Christmas celebrating persuasion, these are great general winter time decorations and can stay up long after your other Christmas decorations come down!

I'm just going to get this out of the way here: the following photos here are not mine, and belong to the crafters who made the snowflakes and tutorials. I'd also like to apologize for any mistakes I've made giving credit to the Russian sites, because google translate can only get you so far.

Paper Snowflakes

These patterns are by La Pappa Dulce

Some cool 3d Snowflakes found at Kivitalo Ranskalaiseen Henkeen.

These ballerinas by Лёлины рукоделки dress up your snowflakes and are perfect for Nutcracker themes. The site is in Russian, but the templates are easy to find.

Download these patterns as PDFs for some Star Wars snow flakes by Anthony Herrera Designs.

And here are some gorgeous Game of Thrones houses Snowflakes by Krys Higgins.

There is a large collection of snowflake patterns here, at Joyzz.

Beaded Snowflakes

I tried to makes some of these, but they came out too floppy to use as ornaments. I wonder what they threaded the beads onto? I don't think you could use wire.

The pattern for these snowflakes and others can be found on (Russian).

The following are a part of a larger beaded snow flake roundup, all posted here by on a account by user Таша92. I found them on pinterest, but it blocks me from following the link to I figured out how to get around it, and the sites looks safe but I just wanted to give you the heads up than pinterest does not like these sites!

Crochet Snowflakes

Snowflakes are simpler to make than they look, since you work around the center and each little branch or section is repeated 6 times. Each 'round' moves you farther away from the center and you essentially work in a continuous spiral.

These beauties are from, they look a little bit above my level though! Find them here.

These two only require two or three stitches, and I suspect that if you prefer to do a similar stitch instead of one you can't quite get the hang of, they'll turn out fine.

Simple Snow Flake by

I have successfully made these two, and I wear one of them on my hat!

Edible Snowflakes

These are made out of melted white chocolate! by Little Delight Cakes, find the directions here.

OK, this one isn't edible, but I'm going to put this snowflake place mat by Merrick's Art here because it's food related.

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  1. Oh I LOVE these!!! The Nutcracker ones are of course great, but I'm pretty dorky, so I'd probably do a few of the Star Wars snowflakes as well :D Thanks for the great idea for next year!


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