Dec 30, 2014

2014 - the Year in Review

Now that it's the awkward, lazy, transitional week between Christmas and New Years, it's time to reflect on the past year, where we earned our bragging rights and those times we'd rather forget.

Highlights from the year:

Started working out several days a week, and eating a bit healthier! (Might turn this into a blog series, what do you think?)
Finally got published! (In a peer reviewed journal, not like a novel or anything)
Started taking this blog a little more seriously, and made a facebook page for it.
Finally got my US Passport renewed (I can go home now!)
My sister got engaged!

Things I could have done better:

That damn thesis - I emailed my first draft of the whole thing to my adviser in February, but didn't hear back till August when I contacted another prof at the same institution to go find out what happened to him. My adviser won't tell me what I need to do next, only that I'm missing something. The more research I do, the more things I uncover that I already suggested and he shot down. It seems like no matter who I contact, I get no reply or a half-hearted one. But I'm not going to give up.

Getting hung up on negative stuff. - I dwell. A lot of frustrating stuff has happened to us since moving to Germany (like, borderline illegal stuff) and it's really hard for me to let it go and just move on.


In 2014 I visited Malaga (twice), with a day trip to Granada, Prague with a day trip to Kutna Hora, Biarittz and some nearby towns, Edinburgh, Rome with a day trips to Bracciano and Vatican City, Barcelona, Berlin and Venice. Oh, and I rang in the New Year in the US (but was too sick to go out, though). So that's... 8 countries in one year. 9 if you count Vatican City.


In 2014, I:
Climbed an extinct volcano.
Visited 6 new Castles (Prague Castle doesn't count, because it's not really a castle)
Saw Castellers build human towers in Barcelona and Good Friday Processions in Malaga
Saw the Sistine Chapel
Watched my friends get married in Southern France and discovered a beach with an "I-can't believe-it's-the-North-Atlantic" View:
Got to visit Venice, a place I didn't think we could really afford on my company's expense (Ok, Ok, so I was shut up in a dark room a lot of the time working, but still, Venice!) and ate a giant pink Meringue.

Low Points

Almost got stranded in France due to strikes.
Got the date of my flight home from Prague wrong, and showed up at the airport a day early and had to find a hotel for one night.
Got rained on and sunburned in some unexpected places (Torrential rain in Malaga, and sunburn in Edinburgh?)
Had two places in Barcelona refuse to serve us food, one forgot to bring me my food (I got it eventually) and another didn't give me a drink I ordered. Needless to say, it colored my experience a lot.

Plans for 2015

So this is what I have to look forwards to for 2015:
January - Two weeks in India
February - No travel planned, need to make effort to get out of the house even though it'll be cold and rainy
March - Research Paper due, Application for refunding of my current work institution is due, Athens
April - Krakow, Lisbon and Porto
May - Istanbul, Munich and Nurnburg, Copenhagen
June - Budapest, move back to US

and then I don't know. My sister and a good friend of mine are getting married in October (not to each other) but as of right now, I have no idea where I'll be (other than the US. I think.)


In 2015, I want to:
Find a job
Finish my Thesis
Keep working out and join a real gym when we're settled
Be able to do an unassisted pull up from a standstill by the end of the year

Start saving for retirement
Invest more money

What were your favorite things about 2014, and what are your plans for the next year?


  1. Very nice, ambitious plan you have for 2015! I'm just convinced it's best to dream big :) All the best to you in the new year-- hope things go more smoothly for you.

  2. Looks like you had a great year, with a nice balance of travel alongside life. I am amazed at people with their big plans for 2015 already... looks like yours will be fun, and you only have the first half in there!! Best of luck with your goals for the coming year.


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